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Jan 1, 2012

You gotta have the right equipment

Photo by BarrytheBirder
 My wife and I gave new binoculars to the families of our two daughters as Christmas gifts.   Pictured above are our two granddaughters checking out the backyard birds on New Year's Day.     I believe you have to start them young at birdwatching.   We started the granddaughters and the grandsons when they were 3 1/2 years old.   
Please comment if you wish and very best wishes for a wonderful 2012.


jimstephenson said...

This will be me in a few years. We have twin grandchildren, boy and girl one year old.

Barry Wallace said...

Twins! Wow! What a gift. Best wishes to all in the new year. BtheB

effie kadoglou said...

ouaou,you and your friend are happy people you have grand children.Barry you have 3 or 4 grand children ? your wife will be busy baking meals and sweets for all in the family.happy one.i have only one son who has no wife children.he will be 44 years on the 5th of this month.after tomorrow yes.already the 5th of the month.the days are passing by very quickly son believes that who makes children now is unresponsible because the times are weird and something weird also will happen to this planet.i see it coming too but until then we must behave as if all is nice and nieces have already their two and two beautiful babies.truth is they have great help from their parents otherwise here things are pretty tight economically speaking.there are no works.they say half the population is under poverty.why there are no works we can not is the plans of the powerful of this planet or we became quite lazy all Greek can not be so.let's have a good year we lazy people and you too.aha,happily we laugh Barry when things are ...extreme.

Kelly said...

I agree. A family friend gave me his old Peterson's Field Guide (green canvas cover...the really old one) when I was six. Nice web log!