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Jan 27, 2012

John James Audubon

                                                 Photo/New World Encyclopedia
John James Audubon
April 26, 1785  ~  January 27, 1851

John James Audubon died on this day, 161 years ago in New York City, at the age of 65.   Following is the entry for Audubon from the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia...

Ornithologist and bird artist, born in Les Cayes, Haiti.   He was sent to the USA in 1804 to look after his father's property near Philadelphia, and married Lucy Bakewell, the daughter of an English settler.   He spent several years seeking out every species of bird in America in order to catalogue them.   In 1826 he took his work to Europe, where he cultivated a rugged backwoodsman image that went down well with fashionable society.   In 1827 he published the first of the 87 portfolios in his massive Birds of America (1827-1838).   Between 1840 and 1844 he produced a 'miniature' edition in 7 volumes, which became a best-seller.   The National Audubon Society, dedicated to the conservation of birds in the USA, was founded in his honour in 1866.
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effie kadoglou said...

a wonderful job to be an ornithologist.if we knew that some day we'll be interested in birds and animals in general ,we could have been at least veterinarians.but only some years ago the love for birds e.t.c was put in my head.ahaha,people change.