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Jan 10, 2012

It's always fun feeding ducks

                                                                                                                                                                             Photos by BarrytheBirder

My wife and I stopped off at Sunset Beach, on Lake Wilcox, in Oak Ridges, to feed the ducks on Sunday past.   For those who disapprove of feeding  ducks bread (particularly white bread) I have to say, in our defense, that we took along the good stuff.   That is to say, organic 100% whole grain sprouted  wheat, organic flax seed, non-flour vegan high-fibre bread.   The slices were the end crusts, however, not that the ducks seemed to mind.

The Sunset Beach gang of ducks number almost 200 individuals and it appears a certain amount of inbreeding has occurred.   One example is pictured above.   Its size and shape and markings are definitely Mallard, but the colours are all wrong.   Nevertheless, it appeared quite healthy, as did the others of questionable lineage.

One benefactor, alone, could not hope to nourish this crowd, and so it is that there is an endless parade of folks, with bags of scraps and goodies to satisfy the hungry horde, that are lined-up throughout the day with their offerings.   If you think that it is a noisy process, you are correct.

After the feeding of the ducks, we visited nearby Lake St. George which Linda was seeing for the first time.   She is standing at the spot where water from Lake St. George becomes the East Humber River.   This historic stream heads east and south through Oak Ridges, Eversley, King City, Kinghorn, Laskay, King Creek and Kleinburg before merging with the main Humber River, north of Woodbridge.   From there it oxbows through the western parts of Toronto, before broadly meandering into Lake Ontario, between High Park on the east and Humber Bay Park West on the west.
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effie kadoglou said...

what a wonderful many ducks.i believe you don't eat one or two Barry...oh no !!!!so fine your wife Linda i'm glad to see her.she is quite young and i don't put photos of myself now,the situation with the hackers you see Barry.neither i have in my lap some.the old ones [facebook,MySpace,blogger,Picasa,Flickr]sure some people in Asia ,Africa i don't know where ,are seeing them.they travel along with other photos in the whole planet.what a bad system this is.