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Jan 15, 2012

Starlings ~ How cold does it have to get?

Photos by BarrytheBirder
European Starlings ~ Winter Plumage

These extravagantly speckled European Starlings has been around the feeders for about  week, eating seeds and suet but never staying very long.   One wonders if they are slipping away from their regular flock, for a snack, then quickly returning unnoticed to the group.   I have pondered a couple times recently, in this space, about the flocks of crows and starlings that seem to be staying around the area this winter, as opposed to heading slightly south to the other side of Lake Erie or the Windsor area or the mid-American states.   It was -14C Friday morning when I took the pictures above.   One wonders, and will be observing, to see if and how long the starling flocks hang around.
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effie kadoglou said...

hello there...i see those poor birds are a bit gloomy from the cold weather maybe ?now if they didn't move to the south they must have their reason for doing so.either the weather will get better soon and birds i am sure know it or maybe the one is sick and can not move on.i see anyway how my red ear sliders are sleepy when the wheather changes to cold.these days we have 4o and -3 at night so the turtles want to sleep all day in the room's temperature always neither want to be in the lukewarm water [thermostat].the more big in shape wants freedom and he goes near the heating and sleeps on the floor that is warm.they are pretty.