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Jan 9, 2008

What price common sense?

Science is the answer to our problems, suggested an acquaintance of mine the other day. We share similar concerns about a project we're both involved with. The same day my wife, Linda, read to me a proposition by Aldous Huxley:"Science is nothing but trained and organized common sense." Huxley, by the way, was not a scientist, but rather an intellectual, of the highest order. It got me thinking about common sense, a commodity which I have had remarkably little of, on many occasions. I humbly offer the following, for your consideration :

1. Common sense is the legacy of good potty-training and a parent's watchful eye.
2. Politics is the belief that my common sense is better than yours.
3. Religion is the denial of common sense.
4. Medicine is the assertion that there must be something better than common sense.
5. Crime and anarchy are the destruction of common sense, in the absence of family and love.

Please comment if you wish.
Regards, BtheB