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Sep 21, 2007

World's biggest inukshuk

What is 11.377 metres tall, weighs 90 tons, and stands on the east side of Hwy. 27, just south of Schomberg? It's 'Little Joe', the world's largest inukshuk. 'Little Joe' is the brainchild of Joe Melo, President of Allstone Quarry Products. The 11 pieces of granite used in this monolith came from the Grenville Mountains on the Canadian Shield, near Sudbury. Joe Melo expects his 'Little Joe' to make it into the Guinness Book of Records. Now that the CN Tower has lost its 'tallest' title, Canada has a new world record-holder to be proud of. Good for you, Joe. That's Linda and me standing at the foot of 'Little Joe', to give it some perspective.

Sep 8, 2007

Kettleby Fair revisited

Linda and I revisited Kettleby Fair for the first time in many, many years today. The weather was perfect, everybody and his or her brother were there, and Linda and I arrived just as the parade was starting. We walked into Kettleby alongside the Newmarket Citizens Band and it felt like we were marchers too. Great fun!Walking through Kettleby is like stepping through a time-warp. The hamlet is a throw-back to the 1800s. We met old friends and new (see my new buddy in the photo above). Linda and I agreed it would have been twice as much fun if we had had our grandchildren with us. We'll take them next year when they'll both be just over 2 years...perfect. The picture below was taken from the footbridge above the Kettleby Creek which runs through the wonderful little Tyrwhitt Park. There were kids using the rope swing all day during the fair. It reminded Linda and me of our childhoods. We ended the day by going out for Thai food which was great. What a neat day. Hope you had one also. BtheB