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Jan 23, 2012

Hairy Woodpecker visits daily for real suet

Photos by BarrytheBirder

A male Hairy Woodpecker is now joining the male and female Downy Woodpeckers, on a daily basis, and enjoying the real suet to which I recently switched.   They also all still peck at the block of reconstituted suet that has been mixed with seeds, which proves that beggars can't be choosers, in the chilly dead of winter.   The few Starlings that have chosen to hang around past the middle of January are also quite partial to the suet (see photo below).

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jimstephenson said...

I'm curious about the real suet. Ive never thought of this, how does it get from the butcher to your feeder. Do you have to mold it to fit the feeder?

Barry Wallace said...

Greetings Jim. My butcher just gives me whatever he has left over when I ask for suet. When I get it home, I cut it into chunks that I can stuff into the feeders. It's not very neat, but it does the job.