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Jan 26, 2012

Useless hunting dog

It's a chilly, slippery and overcast day and I'm having trouble convincing myself to go out birding when I'm probably only going to see the usual suspects.   Birding in southern Ontario, in January, requires inspiration and determination.   I'll check my email first.   There's an email from my old buddy "Doc" Gordon.   It's called 'Useless Hunting Dog'.   This video is 3 1/2 minutes long and it has transported me for those few minutes to a blissful place, far from the cold January landscape outside my window.   Give it a whirl.   Hope you enjoy...

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effie kadoglou said...

i was very pleased by this video Barry.some animals pass their lives calmly in good protection of men.maybe they are a little bored from the same surroundings as we do after all.but we see the deer loving the cat and dog as family.fine situation.