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Jan 3, 2012

-18C / coldest day of the year

                                                                                                                                                                                    Photo by BarrytheBirder
I know, I know, 2012 is only three days old, but -18C is an attention-getter, given the mild winter we have had so far.   As noted previously in this space, some local flocks of crows and starlings appear to be testing their ability to spend winter hereabouts, as opposed to heading down around the Windsor and south Lake Erie shore areas.   The group of crows above was part of a larger group of about 150-200 that were hanging out east of Pottageville.   Although there is snow on the ground, it is only a few centimetres so the crows still seem able to find spilled grain.
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effie kadoglou said...

my,my -18 is very low temperature Barry.we have such temperatures here in the mountains up north Greece.i think -15 is the lowest level.i am not sure.yes Google says at 1967 the coldest day in Ptolemaida[town] was -27 Celsius which i find ridiculous.we are the North Pole here?haha i am not a meteorologist though.i'll keep track on this matter my friend and i'll tell the mountains the weather is very cold at winter was the New Year till now ? i say nothing changed and we have here those impossible politicians who promiss to us that they will take it all.everything we have.haha,we say come and get it.but in the end they will get everything.from the moment i wake up in the morning i hear such political conversations on the radio but lately we all laugh whith them since they are so unthinkable the measures they take that only laughter can long Barry,my greetings to your wife.the mail is and with it i took a Yahoo email is for my lap.the primary has my husband in his lap.of course the real one is