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Jan 30, 2012

Cowbird makes a rare winter visit

Photo by BarrytheBirder

A male Brown-headed Cowbird made a rare appearance at our backyard bird-feeders on January 29th.  I can't remember ever having a cowbird in January before.   But King City is just within the northern boundary of the cowbird's traditional winter range, plus we have had a very open winter so far.   It is seen above between a Mourning Dove and a European Starling.   This is also the first winter, in a very long time, that we have had starlings staying over the winter in our backyard.
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jimstephenson said...

I've had trouble keeping the starlings from my feeders. Problem is there is a flock of them that can make short order of a filled feeder. Any suggestions?

Barry Wallace said...

My only suggestion, Jim, is to divert them. Hang up a chunk of suet (free from your butcher or meat shop, preferably)and the starlings will probably spend most of their time there, rather than at the feeders.
Regards, Barry

effie kadoglou said...

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