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Dec 31, 2011

Christmas was green ~ New Year is white

                                                                                                                                                                                 Photos by BarrytheBirder

On the day before New Year's Eve, most of King Township was under a covering of snow, but it was quite mild and fog was the order of the day.   The birds in the backyard were still quite visible however.   Mt wife, Linda, noted a day or so ago that the mild weather, so far this winter, seems to be keeping the goldfinches just a little more yellow than usual (see top photo).   I have to agree, as many of 50 or 60 goldfinches we have are showing a little bit of extra colour.   The bottom photo shows a half dozen of our Mourning Doves taking over a couple of the feeders, while a tree sparrow perches above them waiting its turn.   The pecking order at our feeders has the Blue Jays at the top and one shrieking, charging Blue Jay will send this group of doves, above, fleeing in a frantic flurry of loud whistling wings.
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Antonio Puigg said...

Great capture Barry

effie kadoglou said...

what a lovely scene my is like a movie story when i imagine the lake Ontario with all kind of bids and your city ,your backyard with the many birds who live there.beautiful.i say when you are a normal and good man or woman you can live well.what to say about life in big cities ? with all the gangsters we see in the films.unfortunate people.maybe life made them what they are and bad now we have many Asians who rob and kill people.we became New York city or Chicago in Athens especially.