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Jan 31, 2012

Stupidity Street

                                                                                                   Photo by Michael Wolf

I used Michael Wolf's Painted Bunting photo above in a blog, on January 5th, about the trafficking of wild birds for the caged-bird trade.   I commented how 6,000 of these birds are taken each year in places like Mexico and Cuba.   My wife, Linda, read the blog and a few days later emailed me the poem below.   I had read this poem by Ralph Hodgson before, as have many birders and non-birders, but thought I would reproduce it here.
I saw with open eyes
Singing birds sweet
Sold in the shops
For the people to eat, 
Sold in the shops of
Stupidity Street.

I saw in vision
The worm in the wheat,
And in the shops nothing
For people to eat;
Nothing for sale in
Stupidity Street. 
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grammie g said...

Hi Barry...I have found your blog,after an hour of going from on thing to another..started with ebird info..I just started an obsevation list 2 weeks ago!
It is a long chain with lots of links and I ended up here!!
I like your blog mainly from what I see and read,but also because there is no clutter of adsence blinking widget and etc..
It is very annoying to me ..sorry about the rant!!!
Interesting poem and a sad part of our world...I really hate to see anything in a cage ..well jails are good! : ]
Grace in Maine!!

Barry Wallace said...

Greetings Grace. Nice to hear from you. My compliments on the lovely simplicity and purity of your blog photos. I can hardly wait to work my way through that list of blogs you follow...probably take me the rest of the winter! Regards, Barry

effie kadoglou said...

yes cages would have not to be sold in the future but i doubt it.i feel the pain of some birds in minuscule is not for nothing that nightingales die in cages.what to say ...many people think canaries are made for cages.the ones pet shops sell.a neighbor of mine says so...they are made to live in a cage.have you seen a canary flying outside ? he told because they buy them and want to keep them for their lovely song .people exploit animals in general.

Anonymous said...

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