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Feb 1, 2012

Dove loses tail feathers to hawk

                                                                                                 Photo by BarrytheBirder
Anyone familiar with Mourning Doves will notice that the dove pictured above has no tail feathers. That's because its tail feathers are scattered beneath one of the backyard feeders, after a 'close encounter of the Sharp-shinned kind'.   Or maybe it was a Cooper's Hawk that almost got this very lucky dove.   Whether it was Cooper's Hawk or a large Sharp-shinned Hawk (both kinds are around and about the backyard feeders) the dove was extremely lucky, as the hawks almost never miss such easy pickings.   The tail feathers were scattered on the ground below the feeders and the dove has rejoined its mates and is tempting the fates once more.
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grammie g said...

Hi Barry...Yes a very lucky dove indeed...
They are the most vulnerable birds at my feeders to!
Often find the feathered remains of one!!
Have you ever noticed the breast feathers have a little heart shapes in them??
Have a good day!
From snowy Maine ...Grace

effie kadoglou said...

poor birds and animals always have to watch out for foes and never have a secure life.why life is made like this ?to be never boring maybe.

wolfsbirding said...

Hi Barry

How does this dove manage to fly without it's tail feathers. Surely it must be very off balance! Well at least it managed to live another day. Enjoy the frosty birding.