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May 15, 2011

Wet Grosbeak drops in

It was quite wet  most of this Saturday and many birds were brought to ground.   Our cedar hedges were full of birds and their spring songs.   Pictured above and below is a slightly soggy, female Rose-breasted Grosbeak, which my wife, Linda spotted.   The grosbeak was very timid around even the smallest of the other birds, but eventually  got her share  of seeds.   (BarrytheBirder photos)                               
The photo at left, from the Chipper Woods Bird Observatory in Indianapolis, shows the distinctive (but not usually seen) yellow underwing of the female Red-breasted Grosbeak.   The male's underwing is a rosy-red.   The photo below shows the red underwings of a male that unfortunately was a victim of a collision with a window.   This photo was taken by my friend, Bill Salter, of King Township.   I posted this picture previously last September when the incident took place at Bill's home.   Please comment if you wish.     

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effie kadoglou said...

hello mr Barry some time that i have not visited around many things happen in facebook that no time for anything.i lost some files in my lap because i search the regulations and i may be cautious.i lost live mail,film maker and two videos.the one with my lovely birdies that i set them free.are you in Flickr by the way?i'll take a look there.i have only favorites from others there.can you ever see my blog here that i name changing and i put things that i like there?i am the only follower there.ha,ha.strange e?since i have no digital no time to take photos....i don't mind.