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May 23, 2011

Osprey shares nest with sparrow

I stopped by the Osprey nest at the King Campus Seneca College to check on the big birds and their nesting success.  I caught up with them just as they were making a switch.   One landed and hunkered down on what I assume are eggs, while the other took off on a hunting foray.   As I circled the light standard in the parking lot, I noticed what I thought was a sparrow flying up underneath the light and into the bottom of the Osprey nest.   When I got home and downloaded the picture, lo and behold, a sparrow was in the picture.   The Osprey and the sparrow seem like unlikely duplex dwellers, but then Ospreys eat fish, not other birds.   Below is a section of the long and lovely, willow-fringed outflow from Lake Jonda at Seneca, which flows south, and crosses King's 15th Sideroad, before joined the East Humber River.

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