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May 27, 2011


Yesterday I noticed the list of 17 followers of my blog had disappeared from their spot at the upper right-hand side of this space.   I waited a few hours but the list did not return.   I googled the problem and discovered this has happened  to many other bloggers, for quite some time.   I want to assure my followers that I have not deleted you...God forbid!  
I am trying to resolve this problem and hope my followers will continue to comment on the things that appear in this blogspot.   Technology is wonderful, but woe is me because I still haven't figured out how paper clips work.   BtheB 


Mpho said...

Hi Barry,
This has also happened to my blog. I miss my followers too!We hope the matter will be attended to as soon as possible.

Marguerite Chadwick-Juner said...

I just discovered this on my blog also this a.m. I Googled the problem and saw your post. I was hoping you had an answer.