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May 14, 2011

The 'mountains' of King

Call it what you will: the King Ridge, the Green Lane, the Moraine or the Mountains of King (as early explorers exclaimed).   It is home to a constant but ever-changing environment that allows one to bring home a different sensation after each visit.   Today the woods were full of chipmunks, robins and blue jays.   I missed seeing but did hear many warblers and thrushes, however.   I saw, but missed photos of Pileated Woodpeckers, Hairy Woodpeckers and Turkey Vultures.   I looked down also and was glad I did, as spring sprang from the earth, beneath my feet.   I photographed what I I thought was a very large Trout Lily (see below), then decided it was something else.   It was a Bellwort.   It is bigger than a Trout Lily, but has no red tinges or fishy-looking leaves, and shares the same habitat as Trilliums, often as abundantly.

MMMPhotos by  BarrytheBirderMMM

A somewhat muted, but pleasing palette of fungal colours (above) was a singular surprise along the 3 kilometres of rambling I did today.   Unfortunately, there was a reminder (below) that more people encroaching upon natural settings, both public and private, can lead to denial of access for what nature has to offer.   After years of nothing but an ancient and tumbled-down stone fence line, a new fence, with three strands of barbed-wire atop it, and threatening signs every few feet, has sprung up along a significant portion of the verdant path I took today.   There is no substitute for treating nature and public property with respect.

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