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May 21, 2011

Cawthra Mulock Nature Preserve ~ lots of birds

MMMFemale Baltimore OrioleMMM
Icterus galbula
This female Baltimore Oriole was feeding on seeds and worms (see top photo) at the Cawthra Mulock Nature Reserve today, in northern King Township.   The preserve is 268 acres and runs between Bathurst and Dufferin Streets, just south of the hamlet of Ansnorveldt in the Holland Marsh.   The preserve has a great diversity of habitats, so many species of birds are to be found in the forests, meadows and wetlands. 
 Halfway along the trail route is the crumbled foundation of an old farmstead, featuring an uncommon square concrete silo, attached at the north-west corner.   The silo is empty of course, but there are two, slender, tall trees growing inside it which stick out quite noticably from the top.  
Being farmland prior to becoming a nature preserve, Cawthra Mulock's meadows are spotted with old, wild apple trees.   They are in bloom right now and the pink and white blossoms abound.....beautiful to behold.
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alliecat72 said...

Beatiful pictures Dad:) said...

Barry thank you for sharing a birding spot. I am always on the look out for new birds for my birding list. Thanks again, and these are really cool photos. Anna :)

James said...

Great to see the diversity of Cawthra Mulock in your photos, Barry. I go there all the time!