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May 4, 2011

Rain horses

Here's another example of King Township horses and their early-alert bodyguards: in this case, a burro, on the King-Vaughan townline, south of King City.  I've seen goats, llamas, dogs and ponies filling the same role around and about the sideroads.   There are many of them, so presumably they earn there keep.   Below are a pair of lookalikes, near Schomberg, that apparently have to wear different-coloured bridles to assist in telling them apart.   I'm sure their owner has no problem telling them apart, up close, but the coloured bridles would serve a useful finction when the horses are separated and/or at a distance.
BarrytheBirder Photos
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Mpho said...

And we watch helplessly as our trees come down to give way to business developments and our birds stare in wonder at us.