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May 25, 2011

Bucolic history ~ glowing future

   I'd like some of both, thank you very much.

As I wandered about today, I noted how quickly 21st century King Township is changing.   Visions of our bucolic past still exist but jar with the the changes being brought about by residential and infrastructure development.   As seen above, cow pastures still exist on Jane Street.   Fishing spots, such as the extreme northern end of Bathurst Street are still to be found, and new generations of Wood Ducks can be seen on the edge of the village of King City.   Below, the future intrudes.   A huge, gas-fired peaker electricity plant is under construction at the hamlet of Ansnorveldt, on the edge of the Holland Marsh.   Below that, King City's first multi-story apartment building is under construction, just a few hundred metres from the City of Vaughan, to the south.   Are the powers-that-be confident that we are creating a utopia, just north of the Toronto metropolis?   I bloody-well hope so.   Tar and feathers are still cheap and readily available.

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