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May 8, 2011

Our birds stare in wonder at us

Mpho Phiri is a naturalist, photographer and blogger at Mahikeng in north-west South Africa.   He came across my blog, of May 4th, entitled 'Oil sands ~ dirty money'.   I wrote "We no longer live just to survive the day, but rather to consume the earth, cheat death and live forever".   Mpho replied: "And we watch helplessly as our trees come down to give way to business developments and our birds stare in wonder at us".   That last phrase stirred something in me.   I don't think I'll ever look a bird in the eye again without feeling, in a very new way, the responsibilty I share for the state of environment in which all birds, and we humans, try to survive.   Mpho has added himself to my list of followers.   I am flattered.   I am about to add my name to his list of followers.   His African birding photos are wonderful.   I highly recommend having a look.   Google him at Mafikeng Birding  Blog.  He has travelled in seven African countries and he is president of the Mafikeng Bird Club.   I look forward to contacting this gentleman very soon, particularly to ask him if I may use some of his photos in this space.  
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