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May 13, 2011

Spring at Seneca

Seneca College's pair of  resident Ospreys are back in their nest atop the parking lot light standard, much to the delight of local raptor watchers.   They've been in this spot, in King Township, for almost ten years now.   Prior to that they occupied a more natural nest in a large pine tree at the edge of nearby Lake Jonda.   My Thurdsday saunter also produced the Yellow Warbler (below right) and the Song or Swamp sparrow (below left).   Someone please give me a correct identification - I'm hopeless with sparrows.

I love the stark but pleasing colour contrast of black and bright green in spring willow trees.   They're a symbol of summer's promise.  Meanwhile, a Tree Swallow and  a Canada Goose (below) stand sentinel over their nestings sites.   Below them are spring flowers that have already turned to seed in early May.                                                                   
    Please comment if you wish.                                                                               Photos by BarrytheBirder

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