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May 27, 2011

Spring settles in at Bell's Lake

A little over 50 years ago, Bell's Lake, was one of the favourite swimming holes and fishing spots for a few friends and me.   We either hitch-hiked, biked or were driven by parents where we would spend summer afternoons that linger in the memory still.  Back then, we would just pull off to the side of road, set up a picnic under the willows and enjoy.   Today, there is more and faster traffic, and access is blocked by roadside guard-rails.   Now, it's hazardous to stop at the spot pictured above and very few do it.   Whenever I drive by, I always recall those good old days.   Bell's Lake is on the east side of Hwy. 27, about half-way between Nobleton and Schomberg.   In the late 1800s, Bell's Lake was known as Kingsville and just north of Kingsville was Linton.   Both were thriving hamlets 160 years ago.   Today, virtually nothing exists of those historic communities, except their names and the earth on which they stood.   Luckily, there is written history of these historic and memorable spots available.   Please comment if you wish.
BtheB                                                                                                                 Photo by BarrytheBirder

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