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Dec 31, 2014

Looking for Snowy Owls

Photo by Ryan Schain
I drove around and about  the Holland Marsh today looking for Snowy Owls but did not spot any.   There are reports from many sources that there is a major irruption of these predators underway from northern Ontario and Quebec.   It is just a matter of time I'm sure before they show up in southern Ontario.   The reasonably wide-open Holland Marsh is a reliable spot to see these birds when they make occasional journeys south, because of heavy snow cover or cyclical rodent declines in the north.   My sister Denise lives on the east shore of James Bay in Quebec and she reports that they have had huge amounts of snow already this winter, plus the snow came early.   Today's Toronto Star newspaper reports that there are already Snowy Owls At Pearson International Airport and 14 have been captured for relocation so far this month.  
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