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Dec 14, 2014

Photos from Canada's west coast by Dave Kemp

Over the last couple of years, I've had the pleasure of seeing many bird photographs by Dave Kemp.   Dave resides in the village of Steveston in southern British Columbia, near the ocean and has unlimited opportunities to take wonderful photos.   For the past several months however, I have not be able to open many of Dave's emails which contain his latest pictures.   I admit I am a Luddite when it comes to computers.   Actually I'm not sure I have ever figured out how paper clips work.   But this week an email arrived from Dave and, miracle of miracles, I was able to download some of his recent bird photos which I am please to share in the space.
All photos by Dave Kemp
                                                              Northern Harrier                                                        
Orange-crowned Warbler
I was especially interested to see Dave's photo (above) of an Orange-crowned Warbler.   What is special about this shot is that one can readily see the orange patch on the top of the bird's head.   Most people rarely or never see the orange feathering.   Many bird books tell readers that they should not be surprised to not see the orange spot.   My National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America states: "Tawny-orange crown, absent in some females and immatures, is seldom discernible in the field".   Meanwhile, my Peterson Field Guide says: "Orange of crown seldom visible".   I've only ever seen this warbler's orange topknot once.   The bird was migrating through my backyard a little over four years ago and I was able to see the small patch of orange on top of its head.
White-crowned Sparrow
Short-eared Owl
More of Dave's photos can be seen by Googling Dave Kemp's Picture perfect Photo Gallery or going to

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