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Dec 13, 2014

Chadwick's chicken

                                                                                           Painting by Phil Chadwick
My friend Phil Chadwick, former weatherman and now painter, is taking a few days off from painting to prepare for Christmas.   He is however showing, on his blogsite, older paintings from his pre-plein air days.   I can only describe the painting above as brilliant, in hue and composition.   Here's how Phil describes the painting above, which he describes  as "...a blast from the past", on his blogsite: "This is one of my brother's rescued chickens strutting in the shade of an outdoor pen.   He bought a dozen or so of these hens for a buck a bird.   They were to go into the pot, but (his) brother gave then a home, plenty of food and lots of water.   The girls responded beautifully and started to lay eggs like never before.   There feet had all curled up and now in their new surroundings, they healed and they strut again.   This is a good news story!".   Prints of his paintings, from both his studio-painting days and now his plein air days, are available by going to    

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