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Jan 1, 2015

Pheasants few and far between in winter here

Photo: fstop_novo/Guardian Witness
Female Pheasants 
Phasianus colchicus
Pheasants are widespread in most of the world where they are usually called just Pheasants.   In North American however they are known as Ring-necked Pheasants and in Britain are called Common Pheasants.   They were introduced to North American from Asia in the 1880s and quickly became favourite game birds of hunters.   They are birds habituated to agricultural areas, intermixed with or adjoining areas of taller vegetation, which they use for cover.   They are found along country roadsides, in overgrown or recently harvested fields, in brushy areas and hedgerows.   In this part of Canada, York Region is the northern limit for Ring-necked Pheasants.   They are said to over-winter wherever they have habituated themselves, but it is my experience that I see fewer in winter than in summer. 
Photo: Terry Sohl
Male Pheasant
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