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Dec 29, 2014

Big birds enjoy mild weather over Christmas

400 to 500 Canada Geese congregated on Seneca College's Lake Jonda over the Christmas holidays.   Melted ice left large patches of open water which were just what the geese seemed to be looking for.The building in the background is the old boat house that was once part of the Eaton Hall farm and estate, in King Township.   Sadly many of the old Eaton Hall outbuildings are no longer usable because of their ruinous state.   The geese don't seem to notice any of that however. 
The Christmas season was also kind to many flocks of Wild Turkeys in King Township.   They did not have to deal with snow-covered fields as they foraged for spilled remnant grain.   The 30 birds in the flock above looked sleek, healthy and, they had survived the fall hunting season.
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