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Dec 20, 2011

The Mill Pond ~ Richmond Hill

A thin layer of ice covers much of the Richmond Hill Mill Pond today, except at the north end, where a pair  of resident Mute Swans share a small open lagoon with a hundred or so Mallards.

Photos by BarrytheBirder
While most of the ducks chose to paddle about in the last remaining bit of unfrozen water, some of their millpond brethren got cold feet standing on the thin ice.
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effie kadoglou said...

i like the lake Barry with the ducks it good with the cold in Canada?depends where you work i think.and where you live of course.finally after 4 formats in my lap i....have still the hacker inside it.i don't know what is the matter with the internet soon as i download the 9 one all goes bad .i dowloaded the opera browser but nothing like google,so i downloaded google too.maybe i am a bit perfectionist so i will pass the P.C situation from now on.see you soon...on your blog of course.