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Dec 14, 2011

Bathurst Street ends here

Photos by BarrytheBirder
Abandoned buildings, birdhouses and an Osprey nest mark the spot at which Bathurst Street ends, at the northern tip of King Township.   To continue north would require a boat and a 1,200 metre journey up the West Holland River to where it joins the East Holland River, which flows north from Newmarket.    The combined Holland River continues through marshlands for another six kilometres until it flows into Cook's Bay, at the southern end of Lake Simcoe.
The last hydro pole on northern Bathurst Street supports a sizeable Osprey nest.   It won't be known for another four months or so whether the nest will continue to be used.   It's location on the east bank of the West Holland River, a few kilometres south of Lake Simcoe, would suggest this nest is perfectly located to support an Osprey family.   Meanwhile, below, a couple of Purple Martin houses still seem to be in good condition, at the same site.   Being relatively new to this site, I cannot say whether these boxes have been recently used or not.   I will keep a eye out for nesting activity here, in 2012.
Another view of the end of Bathurst Street in King Township.   The major Toronto thoroughfare is reduced to a single gravel track, frozen puddles and derelict structures.
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Mpho said...

Hi Barry,
A real ghost town with some birdlife still promising. The exhistance of the Osprey excites me. I am looking forward to your observation in 2012