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Dec 16, 2011

Kettleby crows and wooden barns

 Photos by BarrytheBirder
The 400-strong 'murder' of crows at Kettleby is nearing 500 I believe.   Today the flock was joined by a 'murmuration' of 200-odd starlings.   It's 9 days to Christmas and we had record-warm temperatures in this part of the country yesterday.   In the past these crows and starlings would have migrated to the south side of Lake Erie or the Windsor area, but with global warming and other recent climate changes, it's possible that these birds will over-winter right here in King Township.   On the opposite side of Keele Street, from where the crow picture was taken, is a newly re-clad wooden barn (picture blow).   A few miles south of this barn, near Eversley, is another reconstructed wood barn (second picture below).   With all due respect for stylish, modern, all-metal, plastic or vinyl barns, the two mainly wooden barns pictured here are a welcome sight to old traditionalists like me.
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jesse said...

YES! I was trying to remember where I saw these fantastic barns! Wonderful.