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Dec 29, 2011

Well-behaved goldfinches

                                                                                                                                                                                   Photo by BarrytheBirder
"Okay, everyone smile"

The first decent snowfall of the winter has covered everything up.   This means that the space at the feeders is at a premium, a situation readily evident in the photo above.   There were 15 goldfinches posing on this tray and a couple of dozen more at the tube feeders nearby.   One certainly has to admire goldfinches for their ability to get along so well with each other.   They are easily the best-behaved backyard birds.
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effie kadoglou said...

yes the goldfinches are good-willed we have the other type with the purple head[up on the head]and they are more slender .these yellow ones are like green finches [their bodies]i wanted to hear their voice because it must be great.tough life they have now at winter time.and i read they travel to more warm places for the winter but yours seem not to want to leave your backyard full of seeds,ahahha.have all a good New Year's Eve and all year long.we must try to be happy with little things that are given to us.we are spoiled by now and all seems indifferent but we have to try....