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Dec 1, 2011

Any day is a warbler day

                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Brad Ouelette
MCape May WarblerM
Dendroica Tigrina

This photo of a male Cape May Warbler, in breeding plumage, may seem out-of-season but here's why it is here. I have just become a subscriber to BirdWatching Magazine, although I have not received my first copy yet.   But I have gone online at and the first thing that hit my eye was this brilliant photo by Brad Ouelette of a Cape May Warbler, which he took last May at Point Pelee National Park.   Considering this is the first day of December and the first snow of the fall to stay on the ground arrived yesterday, I just had to share this.   If this is typical of the kind of photography I can expect to see with my new subscription, I have spent my money well.
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