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Dec 28, 2011

Pretty Snow

Painting by Phil 'The Forecaster' Chadwick

The first decent snowfall of the winter fell overnight and as I was shovelling the driveway last evening I could see that the scene in the morning was going to be very pretty indeed.   I told myself that I would take some pictures around the village before the wind came up and disturbed the snowy mantle everywhere.   As I was putting the shovel away and thinking of today's blogspot, I knew it should feature some of the snowy photographs I'd planned to take.   Then I remembered a copy of a painting I had in my computer by Phil Chadwick, former King Township resident, former Environment Canada weatherman and plein air artist extraordinaire.   Phil's outstanding talent with a paint brush is exceeded only by his formidable output.  The copy of Phil's painting you see above is exactly what King City looks like this morning.   Lucky us.   
Please comment if you wish.


effie kadoglou said...

ah Barry,you see beautiful the snow because you are of the warm type.we get frozen even with the thought of walking on the snow.lately my husband are maybe used to cold weather or something.especially when a wind blows it is impossible.if it snows without wind it is fine.yes.but here the two go together.then we have to be careful not to slide....ooooppppp and oups my leg in plaster.haha.otherwise it is a change.the skiers are lucky.i have a friend that loves cold weather,she is uneasy in here it is 9 degrees with 1 at know i don't go out ,only to manage the yard and for the supermarket.otherwise no walking anymore.nobody goes out at night.the crisis has made the people to be inside more than ever.some sort of massive depression is on to us.o.k with the new year all will be fine.nobody can make us unhappy.good night all.

Mpho said...

Hi Barry,
Nice painting.It makes a beautiful Christmas Card. A white Chrstmas indeed.
Down here is summertime. Just seen the first flock of Barn Swallows this morning.
Wishing you a happy and properous new year.
God bles you.
Mpho Phiri