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Nov 11, 2014

Iconic Snowy Owl

Photo by Ian Neilsen
One frequently sees, or so it seems, photos of Snowy Owls from the front or from the side, either perched or in flight.   The photograph above however, by Ian Neilson, presents a splendid Snowy Owl wingspan shot from behind.   The photo is the one that illustrates the month of December in the Greenpeace 2014 desk calendar, so I will see the image every day next month.   Greenpeace characterizes the arctic as a refrigerator for the northern hemisphere, that strongly influences weather patterns around the world.   Photographer Ian Neilson is Scottish by origin and Canadian by choice.   His photo (above) was featured in the 2013 Greenpeace Photo Competition before being selected for the 2014 Greenpeace desk calendar.

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