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Nov 24, 2014

4,000 Canada Geese on the old Forrester farm fields

Photos by Barry Wallace

I counted roughly 4,000 Canada Geese gleaning leftover corn from the harvested fields of the old Forrester farm, on Weston Road north of the hamlet of Strange, on Sunday.   I deliberately underestimated the numbers so as not to dramatically over-inflate the large numbers. The geese I saw were spread across the front fifty acres of the farm.   There were likely thousands more on the back fifty, plus who-knows-how-many-more on the two 100-acre farms to the south.   The huge acreage is to all intents and purposes a factory farm now and Canada Geese have been congregating here for several weeks each fall, for the past several years.   The view of this many geese at one time is sometimes awe-inspiring and humbling at the same time.   There are few ducks here also.   They can be seen in the top photo, in the air.   They take flight readily while the geese are content to ignore distractions like passing photographers.

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