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Nov 26, 2014

Bird Sculpture at new park

 Photos by BarrytheBirder
A new municipal lakeside park, about 10 minutes from my home, is under construction in the community of Oak Ridges.   Lake Wilcox Park wraps around the north-east corner of the lake for which is named.   It is a multi-use park and sure to be a resounding success with neighbours and visitors alike.   As a birder, I was particularly impressed on a recent visit, to see the many bird sculptures on the shoreline trail.   Above and below are several photos that I took which I thought might be appreciated by visitors to this blogsite.   I do not know who the artist is but there are many, many works on display which also include sculptures of animals and recreational items (see the boat sculpture at bottom).   Overall, the new park is an inspired undertaking.   Kudos to the visionaries and designers involved and many thanks to all those who helped to fund this undertaking when budgets everywhere are so strained. 

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