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Feb 8, 2012

Sunday afternoon wanderings

Photos by BarrytheBirder
Sunday afternoon past saw Linda and I feeding the ducks at Lake Wilcox again and Linda had a pair of Wheaton Terriers watching her every move.   The dogs didn't join the ducks in the water but sure looked like they wanted to.   

A few feet from the open patch of Lake Wilcox water, where the ducks congregate, three intrepid folks were actually having a picnic in the +2C temperature.   They even had a small barbeque cooking up some grub.
Despite the mild, open winter we have had so far, the ice at Lake Wilcox is thick enough for Ice fishermen, on foot, to try their luck.   Many were making the effort, but we did not see any hauling in a catch.
Feeding the ducks at Lake Wilcox was followed by a walk part-way around nearby Lake St. George, then it was off to the Pine Farms Orchard, back near King City, to get some MacIntosh apples and freshly baked ginger-and-molasses cookies.   The Muscovy Ducks, above, are named Elvis and Costello and are well-known fixtures at Pine Farms.   Today was just so 'un-winter-like' that the boys had to get out of their coop and take a walk-about. 
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