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Feb 22, 2012


Well, here we go again.   After declaring that my BarrytheBirder blog had come to an end early last October, and then immediately jumping back in the saddle to write another 100 blogs, I have once more decided that it is time to make a permanent break from this pastime that has brought me so much enjoyment and satisfaction.   For those of you who did not see my previous attempt to wind things up, the -30- above is an old newspaper writer's code to mark the end of a story.   I was never a reporter/writer in my 40 years in the newspaper business, but writing 700 blogs seemed to satisfy any urge I might have had to put certain experiences and thoughts into print.   My best wishes to all who pursue an interest in our feathered friends.   If you are dedicated to protecting birds, then you are part of the salvation of our planet.   

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