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Feb 18, 2012

Euro-birds in a deep freeze

Photo by Patrick Aventurier/Getty Images
Europe's winter-to-remember, weather-wise, persists and takes a deadly toll in many places.   These are recent photos showing the extent of the brutal impact.   Above is a dead flamingo, which succumbed to freezing temperatures, on a snowy lakeshore at Gruissan, France.   Gruissan is in southernmost France on the Mediterranean coast, near the Spanish border.
 Photo by Robin Chittenden/Alamy
Bittern negotiates frozen Norwich wetlands in England
Photo by Dado Ruvic/Reuters 
Gray Heron standing on a rock, in the snow, near the Bosna River, at Lasva, Bosnia
Photo by Kieran Doherty/Reuters
Swans sleeping on ice at Surrey in southern England
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