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Feb 2, 2012

World's smallest bird ~ Bee Hummingbird

Photo by Jonatas Cunha

Mellisuga helenae

It's the first day of February and I need to distract myself from the Canadian winter.   The world's smallest bird is the Bee Hummingbird.   It is found in Cuba.   I'd never seen a good photo of a Bee Hummingbird until today when I came across this one above.   This bird is 2" or 5 cm. long.  The Bumblebee Hummingbird from Mexico, at left, is 2 3/4" or 7 cm. long.   In Cuba, the Bee Hummingbird is known as "Zunzun".   It weighs as much as a Canadian copper penny.   My neighbour, Frank, visits Cuba a couple times each year and has seen this bird.   Vagrants occasionally show up in the southern Bahamas.   There...I feel much better about this dreary February day having shared this little bird story.
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grammie g said...

Hi Barry...well that is a nice winter break ...
I love the Ruby throat, and he arrives here the first week af May and if the feeder is not out he buzzes back and forth in front of the cute!
This looks like a real tiny one..amazing that one so small can make long flights ,especially in a head wind ; } : }


effie kadoglou said...

oh my i never thought it was so small the colibri.beautiful i only have sparrows here to feed ,i have seen red throats occasionally at winter time,another bird is ''sousourada''in Greek the one that moves his tail.he is grey ,black and white on his head lovely one picture i saw of it.pied wagtail in English.there are many kinds of sousouradas as all birds are.

Sura said...

So beautiful