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Feb 7, 2012

February fly-past by Tundra Swans

Photo by Denny Mott

Jane Busby, who lives on a farm north of Kinghorn, emailed me on the weekend to report that she and her daughter, Lynn, were watching a small herd of deer, browsing near the old barn, when Lynn spotted a pair of Tundra Swans flying over the house.   Jane was surprised, needless to say, and commented that she doesn't usually see swans until March.   Ah, but this is an unusual year.   Down in Lambton County, hundreds of Tundra Swans are showing up at least six weeks earlier than usual.   According to the Sarnia Observer newspaper, Alf Rider, a local well-known local birder, said he's never seen the swans this early in his 42 years of living near Kettle Point, at the south end on Lake Huron.   Thedford Bog, near Pinery Provincial Park, is a popular stopover for migrating Tundras and can attract 20,000 of the huge birds in March and April - but never in the first week of February...well, hardly ever.
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