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Jan 27, 2011

Feed mills

This is the Nobleton Feed Mill, where I buy all my birdseed.   Normally feed mills are utilitarian in appearance; meant to do a job rather than look pretty.   I do find the Nobleton Feed Mill rather attractive with its large curving rooflines.   And the striking colour of the Schomberg Feed Mill (below) will appeal to those who not only appreciate the unique shape of most feed mills but also a splash of colour.   I'm drawn to these places, mostly for the connection to the past that they represent.   There was a time when they were the equivalent of our community centres.   Nobleton and Schomberg's mills seem to be going-concerns in this day and age, unlike the Nashville Feed Mill, seen at the bottom.   Its importance and stature in the community are a thing of the past, in fact of a different century now.
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1 comment:

L J GARDENER said...

I'd give your eye teeth for a lightning rod from the Nashville feed mill.Did you notice if the globes were milk glsss,metal,or
aqua,maybe AMETHYST!!!!!
..must go ice knee.