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Jan 26, 2011

Oldest horse and buggy shed in King?

St. Mary's Roman Catholic Mission Church has been on the 10th Concession of King Township for almost 156 years, after having been formally opened on September 23, 1855.   155 years and 9 days later, it was replaced by a beautiful new church in the nearby village of Nobleton.   For me, I never tire of stopping at the old St. Mary's to take in its rural setting and rustic horse and carriage shed.   The carriage shed is almost 98 years old and was a replacement for one that burned down during mass, on a very unlucky day indeed: September 13, 1913.   So much for the luck of the Irish, who built the shed, as well as the church.   The new shed was constructed of cement and steel, and rein rings for tethering horses were inserted into the walls, both inside and outside (see photo below right).   If it was raining and there was a full church, and you were late, you would be among those not under the roof.   I've stood in this empty carriage shed many times over the the years and imagined the sounds of  stomping hooves, rattling harness, horses   murmuring and rubbing noses, and overhead, barn swallows swirling and twittering.   I think of this building as one of the township's best reminders of our agricultural heritage.   I have not heard what the future holds for the old St. Mary's but I sincerely wish it will be with us for a long time to come.   Please comment if you wish.
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