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Jan 18, 2011

Birdfeeder update

Redpolls jumped into 2nd place this week on the list of  birds most-seen (of a single species) at one time.   I counted 44 redpolls at the backyard feeders on January 18, an increase of 26 over the previous one-day total of 19. 
American Goldfinches ~ 61
Common Redpolls ~ 44
Dark-eyed Juncos ~ 34
American Tree Sparrows ~ 22
Mourning Doves ~ 19
House Sparrows ~   6
Northern Cardinals ~   5
Blue Jays ~   4
Chickadees ~   4
House Finches ~   4
Red-breasted Nuthatches ~   2
 White-breasted Nuthatches ~  2 
Starling ~   1
Cooper's Hawk ~   1
Downy Woodpecker ~   1
TOTAL SPECIES   ~     15

Photo at left shows a female Common Redpoll (top) and a male Common Redpoll (bottom).   Photo at bottom shows a female Common Redpoll (left) and what could be an Arctic Redpoll (right); although those stripes along the side of the breast as fairly bold.   Until I can be sure, that what I think might be an Artic Redpoll is not a Common Redpoll, I will continue to list them all as 'Common'.   Your opinion or comments would be appreciated.                                             (photos by BarrytheBirder)

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