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Jan 10, 2011

This flag does not flap ~ it sails

                                                                                            BarrytheBirder photo
I've been out trying to get a picture of Snow Buntings for several days and have had no luck so far.   Today was no exception.   I did get a picture of something flying proudly however, just west of Kettleby.   It's apparently the largest Canadian flag in King Township.   It sails proudly above the site of Priestly Demolition Inc. headquarters.   Vic Priestly told me a while back the flag is 200 sq. ft. and stands 70 ft. tall.   Vic founded PDI but his son, Ryan, runs the show now, I believe.   Vic and I go back 45 years ago to Aurora, Ontario, when he was selling snowmobiles and I was selling newspaper advertising.  I salute Vic's accomplishments and his flag.   Now, where are those buntings...
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