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Jan 13, 2011

Grape vines in Holland Marsh?

                                                                                          Photo by BarrytheBirder
For months now, while out birding, I've noticed the establishment pictured above, the first of its kind in King Township, under development on Keele Street in the Holland Marsh, just north of Woodchopper's Lane.   It is named Holland Marsh Wineries and there are several acres of grapevines under cultivation.   Today, passing it once again, I noticed an 'OPEN' sign and checked it out.   I was greeted by a pleasant young lady who I believe to be the manager and immediately asked her if they were really growing grapes in Holland Marsh muck soil!   She quickly replied that they have sandy soil on their property and the vines are doing quite well.   The winery and vineyard are near to the foot of the north slopes of the Oak Ridges Moraine.   Apparently the location has sandy soil, excellent drainage, and is at the highest point of the marsh (I always thought that all 20,000 acres of the  marsh were as flat as a board).   The owner of Holland Marsh Wineries is Roland Nersisyan and he has created a very attractive wine store and tasting room.   The current wine offerings are three reds and three whites, all blends, using six varieties of grapes.   I purchased one dry red wine and one dry white wine, 2010 vintages, @ $13.95 each.   That's competitively priced with many Ontario wines.   Ahhh, but what about the taste?   Give me a day or two to sample them and I shall report back.

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