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Jan 16, 2011

Snow Buntings

Photos by BarrytheBirder

I finally found some Snow Buntings to photograph today, although they are not quite as in-focus as I would like.   They kept swirling about in a huge flock of over 200 birds and I was constantly re-focussing.   This flock was in West Gwillimbury, just north of my usual King Township stomping grounds.   The search for seeds (in the top photo) led to the usual squabbling among winter foragers.   The temperature was a nippy -14C and a wind chill of -25C.   When not viewing Snow Buntings swooping about in the air, I am accustomed to seeing them on the ground.   This flock, at a couple points, flew up to the high overhead hydro wires and lined themselves up like a gang of starlings or swallows (see bottom right photo).
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Bigwom said...

I love the first shot...beautiful colours.