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Jan 12, 2011

A little TLC...

                                                                                                 BarrytheBirder photo
I was out again today looking for Great Gray and Snowy Owls, as well as Snow Buntings, but they were not to be found.   I did however come across this very pleasant young lady and her horse and dog, at Kelly's Lake, near New Scotland.   She was walking her horse which is recuperating from surgery for colic and apparently is doing just fine.   According to Wikipedia, equine colic is painful and there are a number of different causes, some of which can prove fatal without surgical intervention.   Colic is the leading cause of premature death among domesticated horses and the incidence of it in the general horse population has been estimated between 10 and 11 percent on an annual basis.   This case appears to have a happy ending.   Best wishes to all.

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