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Feb 15, 2015

Should Common Loon be Canada's national bird?

Carving by Ron Sadler / Photo by BarrytheBirder
Canadian Geographic's National Bird Project
(as of  Feb. 11, 2015)
         Common Loon                        -  6,535
         Snowy Owl                              -  4,918
         Gray Jay                                  -  4,219
         Canada Goose                        -  1,967
         Black-capped Chickadee       -  1,603
Canadian Geographic Magazine and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society are inviting Canadians to be part of a project to designate an official bird for Canada by 2017, our country's sesquicentennial.   Anyone can vote for their favourite bird species by going online and choosing from the candidate list of 40 birds or contribute another preferred personal choice from the 450 species of birds across Canada.   You can only vote once.   To vote, go to Google and type in canadian geographic national bird project.   As for the Common Loon, it is my personal pick and I have already voted.   The photo above shows a wood carving of a loon by Ron Sadler, which I purchased 33 years ago.   Instead of painting the loon to look like a decoy, Ron finished the carving with wood stains.   It's one of my favourites.
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